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JSON to Excel is a Microsoft Excel add-in which can convert JSON to Excel.


This add-in works in: Excel 2013 Service Pack 1 or later, Excel 2016 for Mac, Excel 2016 or later, Excel Online.

Quick Started

Get add-in

  • Get it from Office Store link https://store.office.com/en-001/app.aspx?assetid=WA104381080
  • Click on the above link and, you will see the webpage of JSON to Excel on Office Store.
  • Click on the “add” button.
  • The next page you will see will show that you can open the add-in in Excel/Excel Online.
  • Now go to Excel 2013/2016 or Excel Online.
  • JSON-to-Excel Tab > Launch JSON to Excel
  • Now you are ready to use this add-in.

Use add-in

1. Prepare your JSON data

2. Fill the text area of JSON-to-Excel with your JSON data

3. Select conversion mode

3.1 Simple Mode

Note, for the simple mode, only regular JSON data can be handled. Only the keys in the first element of JSON will be interpreted as header.

Apart from the above box, nothing should be worried.
3.2 Advanced Mode

Note, for the advance mode, you must fill in the “headers for advanced mode”

Example JSON


If you would like to have “id”,”detail.name” and “detail.sex” included , then fill in id,detail.name,detail.sex

If you would like to have “detail.name” and “detail.age” included, then fill in detail.name,detail.age

4. Click on one and ONLY one cell of the target datasheet

5. Click on “Go” button


This Add-In will not collect and/or transmit user information. Baidu Tongji (similar to Google analytics) scripts is added for website analytics.


Backup your documents before using this add-in.


JSON-to-Excel is an Excel add-in that convert JSON to Excel. It is maintained by he.yang@wtsolutions.cn from WTSolutions.

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