Text-effects-autocorrection version released

Open source Microsoft Word add-in text effects autocorrection has been initially released on 2016-2-11, it is an application for sub/super scripts , upper/lower cases autocorrection using built databases. One of the key features of this add-in is that users may choose to use built-in databases or create their own databases.

Github page : https://github.com/he-yang/text-effect-autocorrection

Introduction , examples and instructions can be found on http://g.wtsolutions.cn

Currently this app has English and Chinese UI interface, and standard +units+ chemical + water databases had been built in v1.0.0.0.

If you are interested in using this add-in, follow instructions listed on http://g.wtsolutions.cn.

If you’d like to contribute to this open source project, for instance, share your database with other users or help with translations, pull a request or simply send an email to he.yang at wtsolutions.cn

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