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Resize All Images Documentation


Resize All Images is a Microsoft Word add-in image resizer. This add-in can resize all images at once or 1 by 1.


Word 2016 or newer, Office365, Word Online


This add-in can only resize inline images, floating images will not be resized.

An inline image is treated as a character in a paragraph, and will therefore only move with the
paragraph. A floating image can be dragged anywhere and text will wrap around it.


Resize all inline images to the same size

If you’d like to resize all the inline images to the same size, use the “Resize All” command. This add-in can resize all inline images of your Word document to the same size you set.

Resize some inline images to various sizes

If you’d like to resize some of your inline images to various sizes, use the “Resize 1 by 1” command. This add-in will resize each inline image sequentially to the size you selected, you may choose to skip resizing a certain image and stop resizing at any time.

Quick Start

Get resize all images add-in

  • Get it from Microsoft appSource (webUrl to be announced)

Use resize all images add-in

  • Launch resize-all-images add-in from Word Ribbon “Insert”> “Add-in”
  • Set at least the 1st set of sizes to be used
  • Click on command button based on your requirement


This Add-In will not collect and/or transmit user information. Baidu Tongji (similar to Google analytics) scripts is added for website analytics.


Backup your documents before using this add-in.


It is maintained by he.yang@wtsolutions.cn from WTSolutions.